Media Rooms

CinemaForte Chameleon Mediarooms™

Where the room sets the stage –
and friends, family and guests become the main attraction…


CinemaForté Chameleon Mediarooms™
are lifestyle entertainment spaces
suited for getting together with family and
friends to enjoy each other’s company while
sharing in a more relaxed viewing and listening
experience. This is where everyone tends
to “hang out” and have a conversation while
others watch sports, news or play video games –
without any of these various activities
dominating or distracting from any of these
activities in the room; yet the overall audio-
video experience is still superb.

Like the master magician’s “sleight of hand”,
designing this room requires a unique skill set
that can elegantly balance artistic form with
functionality and lifestyle… gracefully obscuring
advanced electronic technologies behind the
décor of your own choosing.

CinemaForté Chameleon Mediarooms™
are perfect for family gatherings,
together for the Holidays, parties, sporting
events, video gaming or whenever you prefer a
more casual entertainment atmosphere without
sacrificing audio-video excellence.