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Have you ever planned a trip to a vacation resort that you’ve never been to before, and upon arriving at your “luxury” hotel you were disappointed to discover that when you checked into your room it just wasn’t quite what you had expected or were led to believe it would be? Maybe the view was a bit “underwhelming” as compared to what your travel agent described and after only a few moments you became aware that you could hear people talking and making noise in the adjacent rooms. And to make matters even worse, the “amazingly life like music system” that was promised as a part of the room atmosphere turned out to be nothing more than a clock radio on the bedside nightstand.

Now imagine for a moment, if the “vacation resort” was your new private theater – and the “underwhelming view” was the quality of the video system and the “noise” you heard from the surrounding rooms was actually coming from other family members in your own home, and the poor audio quality was the result of the room itself – the acoustics not having been properly addressed by a trained acoustician. Sadly, this scenario happens more often than you might ever imagine and in some of the most expensive and “luxurious” private residential theater rooms around the world. Why?

The CinemaForté Solution

The Ultimate “Dream Team” of Private Theater Designers and Builders
  • CinemaForté is an alliance of best-in-class designers, engineers, technicians and craftsmen – each of whom specialize in one or more of the many disciplines required in the design, fabrication, installation, calibration and certification of dedicated private cinemas and other high performance audio and video reproduction spaces.
  • CinemaForté is a collective resource dedicated to establishing and implementing higher standards of excellence in home theater sound isolation and acoustic design practices while providing greater value to its channel partners and their most discriminating clientele.
  • CinemaForté is dedicated to developing innovative product solutions that transcend the limitations of any one company or manufacturer in order to achieve an unprecedented level of performance, value and customer satisfaction.
  • World-Class Expertise… Local Resources, Service and Support

    CinemaForté has established a network of certified architects, builders, electronic systems contractors and interior designers who have been trained and “CinemaForté-fied” to ensure strict compliance with the highest standards of excellence and best practices in providing you with the highest level of technical service and support for the flawless creation of your dream theater or AV entertainment space by the most trustworthy team of private theater experts in the world.