“80% of the sound you hear in your private theater is not coming from the speakers…
it’s coming from the walls, floor and ceiling – from the room itself.”
– Dennis Erskine
Award-Winning THX Certified
Cinema Design Engineer
There are many who claim to be in the high-end home theater business. But very few really understand what defines “high-end theater” or possess what it takes to design, build, and seamlessly integrate a truly mesmerizing private cinema experience into the home. It requires expertise and experience in many disciplines as well as the ability to blend these disciplines harmoniously in order to create a truly state-of-the-art theater room design. The end result is the achievement of an ultimate home theater experience for the most discriminating home theater enthusiasts and luxury homeowners in the world.
The CinemaForté Turnkey Solution
Your Ultimate “Dream Team” of Private Theater Designers and Builders

CinemaForté is an alliance of best-in-class designers, engineers, technicians and craftsmen – each of whom specialize in one or more of the many disciplines required in the design, fabrication, installation, calibration and certification of dedicated private cinemas and other high performance audio and video reproduction spaces. CinemaForté is a collective resource dedicated to establishing and implementing higher standards of excellence in home theater sound isolation and acoustic design practices while providing greater value to its channel partners and their most discriminating clientele. CinemaForté is dedicated to developing innovative product solutions that transcend the limitations of any one company or manufacturer in order to achieve an unprecedented level of performance, value and customer satisfaction.

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