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How It Works… Like Clockwork.

“Like Clockwork” as the saying goes.  The importance of having an easy, simple and fool-proof process in place is essential to a flawless implementation of a turnkey theater project – especially when it’s yours!  CinemaForté has developed and refined a simple step-by-step process to
ensure a seamless, hassle- free, totally positive experience from beginning to finish with your SmArt Theater purchase.  Here are the basic steps:


Select the number of your basic SmArt Theater style concept (click on “SmArt Gallery” to view styles).


To customize, add or change any of your SmArt Theater’s design elements call our toll free number 855-335-5509 to speak with one of our Theater Design Specialists.


Fill out the Preliminary Discovery Questionnaire (“PDQ”) Form and hit “Submit” at the bottom of Form.


Provide a $2000 deposit to initiate the creation of your customized SmArt Theater Design Presentation.


In about 3 – 5 business days, you’ll receive basic construction diagrams, 3-D digital renderings (optional) and an exact quote from CinemaForté to create your SmArt Theater.


Approve and/or make any changes (one change-order allowed at no additional charge) and provide remainder of 50% deposit required to begin the manufacturing process to build your theater.


All theater room interior elements for your customized SmArt Theater will be completed and ready to install in about 5 – 7 weeks.  Remaining 50% balance due is required prior to shipment of your Theater.


Schedule your theater installation – depending on complexity of your room and your Theater design, installation time is typically anywhere from a day or two to a few days for 1 – 2 installation technicians.


Schedule appointment for audio and video calibration with CinemaForte-authorized ISF-HAA certified calibrator to “fine-tune” your SmArt Theater’s surround sound performance.*


Final inspection and SmArt Theater demonstration of features and performance.

* Additional charges for calibration / equalization electronics may apply.