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THX is an audio-video reference certification standard of excellence – based on a series of measurable performance criteria established by THX to ensure one simple but incredibly challenging objective: to accurately reproduce the filmmaker’s intended audio and video performance as it was originally created and intended for the audience experience.  Accordingly, THX certified screening rooms must meet with rigorous room construction, noise reduction, and audio-video calibration specifications in order to receive THX certification.  Furthermore, it requires that every aspect of the design and creation of a private screening room or home cinema seeking to achieve this certification must be engineered by, and the entire creation and installation process managed by a THX-certified… Learn More CinemaForté is your ultimate turnkey resource for the design, creation and seamless integration of a truly mesmerizing private cinema experience in your home.  There are many who claim to be in the high-end home theater business, but only CinemaForté has brought together a Dream Team led by award-winning THX certified theater designer Dennis Erskine – with matchless expertise and experience in the many required disciplines to achieve cinema perfection and has the ability to blend these disciplines harmoniously to create a truly state-of-the-art theater room design. The end result is the achievement of the ultimate home theater experience for the most discriminating home theater enthusiasts and luxury homeowners
in the world… Learn More
Maybe you’re looking for something a bit more practical – a private cinema experience that still offers the comforts and benefits of a luxurious private space but isn’t quite so extravagant. A dedicated space that can provide a vastly superior, more enveloping cinema experience from the ordinary open area family room-with-flat-screen venue that has become commonplace in recent years – a place where family and friends can come together and escape from the day-to-day stresses, but without having to “break the bank” with extravagant architectural appointments and lavish design elements typically found in the “mega” home theaters featured in the electronics industry magazines or high-end interior design publications. CinemaForté SmArtTheaters are the perfect balance… Learn More

In contrast to the enclosed, dedicated cinema room experience, you may have a more open gathering space
– a highly accessible, more centrally located living area where you are looking to create a more casual entertainment atmosphere. CinemaForté Chameleon Mediaroomsare perfect for getting together with family and friends to enjoy each other’s company while sharing in a more relaxed viewing and listening experience. This is where everyone tends to “hang out” and have a conversation while others watch sports, news or play video games – without any of these various activities dominating or distracting from the other activities; yet the overall audio-video experience is still superb. Designing this room requires a unique skill set that balances form with functionality. Learn More