SmArt Theaters

SmArt™Theaters by CinemaForté

Times have changed.  Not that long ago, most of us would have imagined that only the rich and famous could have an elegant, high-performance private theater in our home. Spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on an extravagant thematic movie shrine was not exactly at the top of our list of home improvements.

Today, many of us are looking for something a bit more practical, more functional – yet still offering the comforts and benefits of a luxurious private theater. A dedicated space that can provide a vastly superior, more enveloping cinema experience from the ordinary open area family room-with-flat-screen venue that has become commonplace in recent years – a place where family and friends can come together and escape from the day-to-day stresses, but without having to “break the bank” in the process.

Introducing SmArt Theaters – Where Science Meets Art

With SmArt™ Theaters you can now attain a private cinema experience that offers an incredibly high level of audio-video performance that is perfectly balanced with elegantly understated designs to fit a wide variety of interiors – at price points that are dramatically lower than what would have been possible only a few years ago. SmArt™ Theaters transform a den, family room or a spare bedroom into a movie and music entertainment room that fits your lifestyle – a theater room that is “right at home” with the way you live and entertain.

Not Just a Pretty Face…

There’s a good reason why we call these theaters “Smart” – at first appearance, these theater room designs are so exquisitely fashioned and tastefully appointed it can fool you into thinking that these are just great looking theater rooms but maybe not high performance.  But that’s where SmArt Theaters go above and beyond any other pre-designed dedicated theater interiors on the market today. SmArt Theaters are visually pleasing for sure – but are far more than just another pretty face…

Can you tell the difference between the theater on the left and the one on the right?

There is no difference – at least, not from what you can see in the picture.
  But behind the surface of the theater on the right is a carefully conceived loudspeaker placement strategy, combined with a precisely engineered acoustical treatment system, together with a properly positioned audience seating arrangement – all based on the exact physical properties of this particular room’s requirements to maximize audio-video performance and achieve the ultimate “suspension of disbelief”. The theater on the left, however, is only using absorptive acoustic panels that have been arbitrarily mounted on the walls without a properly developed acoustic treatment strategy
based on real physics. Oh – and the room on the right is a CinemaForté SmArt Theater, of course!