Why So Smart?


SmArt™Theaters by CinemaForté

So, what’s so smart about SmArt
 Theaters anyway?


Seeing (and Hearing) is Believing.

There are plenty of home theater companies who claim to have the experience and know-how to design and engineer private cinemas correctly, but very few are truly qualified to scientifically address the myriad issues that the room itself introduces that interfere with the ability to achieve higher performance levels.  This is especially challenging when dealing with an existing room.  It’s one thing to design and engineer a room from the ground up where cost is no object – it’s another required skillset altogether when working with an existing structure and attempting to retrofit a complete theater interior that will perform exceptionally well without the luxury of engineering the room itself during the architectural planning stages.

Furthermore, in the past if a homeowner didn’t want to spend “six figures” on their home theater, it always seemed that either elegant design or superior AV performance would end up being sacrificed – or both.  But it only takes a moment auditioning your favorite movie scene or music video in one of our pre-designed, custom-engineered Theaters to become a true believer.  CinemaForté SmArt™ Theaters are simply amazing without sacrificing performance OR aesthetics.  You’ll soon discover that SmArt™ Theaters achieve a perfect balance between the art of interior design and the application of proven scientific principles to create a truly stunning movie-watching experience and with the same realism and emotion that the filmmaker originally intended.

Why CinemaForté SmArt™ Theaters are Clearly Superior

CinemaForté taps into the collective intelligence, experience, and expertise from each of its category leaders to develop theater room solutions that transcend the creative limitations of any one individual manufacturer to achieve an unprecedented level of performance, value and customer satisfaction.

CinemaForté SmArtTheaters are better because:

►       Every SmArtTheater is designed by award-winning THX certified theater engineer Dennis Erskine

Dennis Erskine is an accomplished, award-winning THX Certified Professional Theater Designer and Acoustical Engineer.
With a degree in Physics, Erskine heads up the CinemaForté SmArt™ Theater Design and Engineering Teams for
CinemaForté.  He has received numerous industry awards for his reference-level private cinemas and screening
rooms and is a CEDIA Certified Home Theater Design Specialist, Subject Matter Expert and CEDIA Certified Instructor.
His home theater designs are widely recognized for their remarkable acoustics and stunning visual presentations.
Many of the techniques and methods developed by Dennis Erskine are often imitated and have been incorporated
into other’s best practices.

Every SmArtTheater uses Quest Acoustical Interiors room treatment solutions exclusively

What so many people fail to realize, is the extent to which the room itself contributes to the overall audio performance of a dedicated home cinema. In fact, as much as 80% of what you hear in a home cinema or listening room is not coming from your speakers – it’s coming from the room itself.Consequently, the room itself really is the most important “component” in your entire theater system.But buying more expensive speakers and electronics cannot effectively compensate or correct the problems the room itself causes, and simply putting up absorptive panels is only a part of what is needed to address the acoustical challenges the room introduces.  Getting your theater to sound right requires a properly engineered solution based on a comprehensive acoustical strategy. Absorptive panels are merely one component whose real performance benefit can only be effectively realized when used as a part of a complete acoustic system solution. Furthermore, most of the acoustic problems the room causes cannot be electronically solved or “equalized away”.  A total design approach is necessary to resolve the problems that the room itself creates while focusing the soundstage and enhancing spatial envelopment.

SmArt™ Theaters use the Quest Acoustical Lens System (or “QALS”) in every theater we make because the QALS is the ultimate acoustical system for home theater or two channel listening rooms.  Quest Acoustical Interiors has developed a series of proprietary, highly specialized surface-mounted acoustic treatment modules designed to work synergistically in a comprehensive system solution that has been engineered specifically for your actual room, optimizing subwoofer location, loudspeaker placementand audience seating positions into a precisely calculated alignment.QuestAI then uses computer-aided analysis to further develop the acoustic treatment strategy in order to determine the exact placement of Quest’s unique treatment modules for the best possible sonic result. This scientifically rendered, highly customized strategy is the secret behind QuestAI’s outstanding results and is an essential element in every CinemaForté SmArt™ Theater design.  

Every SmArtTheater includes On-Site Audio-Video Calibration by HAA and ISF Certified Calibrators

No serious cinema is complete until final calibration is performed. The HAA® is a professional training organization dedicated to educating, establishing and supporting the highest standards of excellence in home acoustics and theater room calibration practices. Its purpose is to promote the correct and most effective use of acoustical design and calibration techniques specifically for the home. CinemaForté utilizes HAA Certified Calibrators worldwide to put the finishing touches on your SmArt™ Theater to fine-tune the entire system for maximizing your theater’s audio performance for an ultimate audience experience… to achieve the ever-elusive, “suspension of disbelief”.Every ISF calibrator has obtained certification because they are driven to deliver the best possible video image to their clients. That’s why we also include ISF calibration with every SmArt Theater we create. This ensures a reference standard of excellence in the video performance of every digital video display integrated into each SmArt Theater installation. Certified ISF calibrators are required to own and properly use highly specialized test equipment is in order to calibrate displays to multiple system standards.Because CinemaForté insists on utilizing ISF and HAA certified calibrators for every SmArt Theater installed, you can be guaranteed that once the final “fine tuning” and finishing touches are put on your theater you’ll know you are getting all the performance you paid for from every AV component and room interior element you purchased.

Where Science meets Art. Now that’s SmArt.